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October 31. It isn’t just Halloween–a very odd candy holiday in which perfectly happy, normal people throw skeleton decorations in their front yards. I don’t mean to be the Halloween Scrooge, but Halloween gets on my nerves. I passed a house yesterday with three fake tomb stones in the front yard. On the stones, the family had written the names of their children (living children). Weird, ya’ll. I don’t care what holiday that is. It’s weird. As far as I’m [...]

Sergey Isaev
Portrait of Martin Luther, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1532 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Luke 6 45, Cranach The Elder, Lucas Cranach, Pope Leo, German People, Anti Christianity, History Projects, Fine Art Landscape, Fine Art Portraits

National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen: Cranach was a friend of the German priest Martin Luther, known as the father of the Reformation and the founder of Protestantism. The Reformation was a revolt against the Catholic church and split the Christian church into Protestantism and Catholicism. Even though Cranach is now regarded as a Reformation artist, he also painted for Catholic clients.

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