Marine corps mom

Show your support and love for your Marine Corps child with pride. Discover ways to strengthen your bond and navigate the journey of being a Marine Corps mom.
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MotherProud - Show Your Pride To The World

MotherProud is a mother focused products company with the mission to make the world to realize the importance of the women who doing the hardest job in this entire galaxy. MotherProud offers the best selection of custom t-shirts, personalized gifts, jewelry, mugs, and much much more.

Cyndi Conflitti
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USMC Marine Proud Aunt (Static Cling)

The size selected is represented in inches with measurements taken from the longest portion of the decal; this measurement can be variable to height or width depending on the decal graphic. Clear material images can be seen from both sides of the decal; what appears white is clear transparent. Decal is not recommended for dark surfaces. White material images can be seen from one side of the decal. Decal can be placed on any color surface. Manufactured in the USA! Our products are produced…

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