Maker's mark

Uncover the rich history and craftsmanship behind Maker's Mark whiskey. Learn about the unique process that creates its signature flavor and explore delicious cocktail recipes to enjoy this iconic bourbon.
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Kentucky bourbon brand Maker’s Mark has been distilling whiskeys since 1958, and since day one, it has been sealing its bottles by hand-dipping them in a specially formulated wax. That red wax has become Maker’s signature visual component, giving the bourbon a distinctive look among other spirits on the shelf. It is that hand-dipped red […]

Christine Kron
cousin bill's mint julep mix 3

Cousin Bill's mint julep departs from the traditional Derby elixer, but don't worry, it still uses the same basic ingredients. What's different is the way it's put together and that changes the taste. It's been said that the mint julep is the finest cocktail there is, but few people know it. Made properly and that means in a crafted manner, is the right way to enjoy this classic. The Traditional Method Muddle a few mint leaves with sugar and spring water in your glass or julep cup. Next add…

Phyllis Smith