Machine binding a quilt

Learn how to expertly bind your quilt using a sewing machine. Enhance the durability and aesthetic appeal of your quilt with these creative machine binding techniques.
Sewing quilt binding on completely by machine on Cluck Cluck Sew. Great site. Love her style!

There are lots and lots of binding tutorials. Lots. So I’m going to skim over binding basics fairly quickly in order to share with you how I machine bind my quilts to look almost hand sewn. I do all my quilts this way, so by now I’ve become fairly quick at it. I...Read More

Vi Morris

When I began quilting, I learned to make bias binding and to finish by hand. Now, my preferred method is to attach the binding completely by machine. Most often, by the time I'm at the binding stage I'm just ready to be done and I really appreciate the speed of this method. Start by creating ...continue reading →

Peggy Godfrey-Lane
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Quilt bindings are the most magical, and sometime confusing part of quilt making, especially for a new quilter! I shared a tutorial a few years back, but have adapted and made a few changes as I’ve grown as a quilter, and thought it was enough to update the post. Any tips or suggestions you might […]

Brenda Snowball