Losing a child

Find solace and support in your journey of healing after losing a child. Explore helpful ideas and resources to navigate through the grief and honor their memory.
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It seems like the past few months I have seen too many mamas lose their babies. Even one would be too many. Every time I see another mama/dad open her heart & post the unimaginable my heart breaks. I never thought I would be here writing this but there is so much I want these

Nicole McMahon
When a Friend Loses a Child - How to help

Yesterday I did something no one should ever have to do. I went to baby Micah's funeral service. It was at the same time heartbreaking and beautiful. So many people came to support Matt and Alyssa and say goodbye to Micah - a baby boy we only knew through Alyssa's words, but one that has

Samantha Canfield