Living in a bus

Discover the freedom and creativity of living in a bus. Explore unique and inspiring ideas to transform a bus into a comfortable and stylish home on wheels.

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Planning the bus layout from Rolling Vistas on Vimeo. I am trying to get over my fear of being on camera (and hearing my voice :P ) . . . I just filmed, edited, and uploaded my very first all-me …

Viviana Baluzzo

There are so many choices and factors to consider when looking for a vehicle to live in. Not only do you need to think of the model and size of your van, but you must also consider your lifestyle and planned usage of the van.

I Won’t Say I Don’t Love The Escape And The Pleasantries Of Traditional Accommodation. But I Can Say That For Now Vanna The Van Is Home

The house is a blessing to stay in but there are so many things about our bus that we miss! Beyond the obvious… the fact that it is “our” space… cleaning 250 sq ft is NOTHING compared to a normal sized house! It takes the family 30 mins to pic up our whole bus versus a few hours getting a home nice and clean…I feel like I can’t keep up!