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Unleash your creativity with these amazing Lego building ideas that will add an aesthetic touch to your designs. Get inspired and create unique masterpieces to showcase your artistic side.
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I had been planning to turn the Lego Friends Heartlake Cupcake Café into a modular building for a few years. At long last, it made its way onto the Lego table and emerged as a 16-stud storefront with a two-story apartment on top.

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As with Halifax Townhouse #1, this is a shallow building with a fully outfitted interior. I worked hard to come up with interesting corbels (a staple of old buildings around Halifax), changing it a number of times before I locked on to this design. The building itself is a partial recreation of a similar building right around the corner from here. Technically, this is my first Halifax Townhouse. I built it about three months ago, but I've been tweaking it ever since! (You can see a previous…

Thomas Pollock