Led light box

Discover creative ways to use LED light boxes to add a touch of brightness and style to your home or office. Explore top ideas for showcasing your favorite photos or artwork.
Chromatophore , wood, reflective glass, mirror, MDF and LED lights, 87 x 87 x 13cm. Photo: Pippy Mount. Infinity Mirror Diy, Infinite Mirror, Led Infinity Mirror, Infinity Table, Mirror Illusion, Infinity Lights, Digital Wave, Light Boxes, Infinity Mirror

Light-box art: Adelaide, Australian-born, artist, Jason Sims’ multi-media sculpture, using light boxes & installation spaces. See Blogroll for a link to his site.

Blank II / Exhale / Rise & Fall II / Blank II / Chromatophore / Fragment / Echo / Expel / Disperse / Refract / Resist / Converge II. All pieces above are of wood, reflective glass, mirror, mdf,…

Ahmed Yousry