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Explore stunning landscape art painting ideas to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Create a serene and inspiring atmosphere with these top ideas for your art collection.
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By Carrie Lewis in Art Tutorials > Painting Tutorials Have you ever lost track of time watching painting tutorials on YouTube? I know I have! And I’ve found some AMAZING painting videos I’d like to share. Today I’m going to list over 50 of the best “how to paint” videos that I’ve watched in the last few weeks. I’ll start with the videos that apply to all painting mediums, and then share several videos for specific mediums (acrylic, oil, gouache, etc). Enjoy! […]

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Joaquín Sorolla, Return from Fishing, the Beach in Valencia, 1907 When I ask readers what they are struggling with most in painting, one of the most common replies is a struggle to paint looser and more relaxed. This is a common problem in painting. We tend to overthink and overcomplicate things. The end result is usually

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Rocks and cliffs form a key part of landscape painting, but many people seem to struggle with painting them. This is probably due to the organic and irregular shapes they come in, combined with a lack of understanding about light and shadow. In this post, I walk you through how to paint rocks and cliffs,

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Check out these landscape painting tips perfect for beginners. These are 10 simple and actionable tips which you can use in your next landscape painting! #painting #landscapes #techniques #tutorial #paintingtips #learntopaint Abstract Landscape, Painting & Drawing, Trees, Landscape Paintings, Inspiration, Landscape Painting Tutorial, Landscape Artwork, Landscape Art, Landscape Paintings Acrylic

Here are 10 landscape painting tips perfect for beginners. Landscape painting can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. It is a fantastic subject for those just starting out with painting, but very few artists actually master the art of landscape painting. Whilst these tips are targeted at beginners, even advanced artists

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