Krishna leela

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Krishna Leela with these captivating ideas. Discover the beauty and grace of Lord Krishna's divine play and bring this spiritual experience into your life.
Krishna Expands Himself as Cowherd Boys Painting - Art Poster Vintage, Hindu, Little Krishna, Krishna Images, Krishna Pictures, Sanat, Iskcon Krishna, Krishna Birth, Krishna Lila

After killing Aghasura, Krishna took the cowherd boys to the forest for a picnic. As the boys enjoyed eating lunch in one another's company, the calves were allured by green grass and gradually wandered off. Krishna's friends became a little agitated and wanted to bring the calves back, but Krishna encouraged the boys: Take your lunch without being agitated. I shall go find the calves. And thus the Lord departed.

Hemalathasastry Sastry