Kombucha scoby recipes

Discover a variety of delicious recipes using Kombucha SCOBY. From refreshing beverages to tasty treats, explore new ways to incorporate SCOBY into your culinary creations.
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If you brew kombucha often like I do, you may be growing more SCOBYs than you know what to do with. Before you go throwing all these extra SCOBYs away, you need to know about another option.Kombucha SCOBYs can be eaten and are full of protein, fiber, and all the probiotic and antioxidant benefits in kombucha. SCOBYs can be eaten raw, or made into gummies, jerky, smoothies, dog treats and more. They taste vinegary like kombucha and have a chewy, gummy bear like texture.In this article I'll…

Melissa Seaman