Knife handle making

Discover unique techniques and materials for making knife handles that are both functional and visually appealing. Take your knife making skills to the next level with these inspiring ideas.
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How to Make Knife Handles (with Pictures) - wikiHow

There is a certain beauty to handmade knife handles. The process of making custom knife handles may take a while, but it is easy once you know what to do. Best of all, you can have a beautiful custom knife to show off at the end. Make or...

Joseph McIntyre
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Stacked Leather Handle

Stacked Leather Handle From Box of Scraps: This old Estwing camp hatchet was ruined. The person who had it before me removed the rotten leather and sanded off the rust, making this project much easier for me. Apologies for not getting a before-picture of the bare steel handle. Under the lea…