Kitchens with cherry cabinets

Transform your kitchen with beautiful cherry cabinets. Discover top ideas to create a warm and inviting space for cooking and entertaining.
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Cherry wood has been a popular choice for kitchen cabinets for decades. With its striking reddish-brown color, it’s easy to understand why. If you are someone who has cherry cabinets, you might be concerned that there aren’t many options for flooring colors that work well with cherry. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! […]

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Choosing the right hardwood floors for your home can be tricky sometimes. If you have gorgeous cherry cabinets, you might not know what type of hardwood floor will best complement them. So, what hardwood floor goes well with cherry cabinets? For your convenience, we brought you the answer. There are plenty of hardwood floors to […]

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Cherry wood cabinets have rich, warm tones that truly have a timeless appeal. This wood species has been around for centuries but for some reason went viral in the 1990's. And now you might feel stuck with the orange and red tones that everyone wanted 30 years ago. In my area, I see so many clients with these tired, warm toned cabinets. New cabinetry is often out of the budget and the homeowners don't want to paint. So, here are 5 ways I regularly implement to update these dated kitchens.1…

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Dive into the world of cherry kitchen cabinet ideas with our easy-to-follow guide. Discover how to transform your kitchen into a warm, inviting space that's perfect for both cooking up a storm and making memories with loved ones. Ready for a kitchen that feels like a cozy hug? Read on!

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