King of music

Discover the incredible journey of the King of Music and how his talent changed the industry. Dive into the iconic songs and albums that made him a legend and continue to inspire generations today.
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Can You Rock Our Elvis Presley Trivia Quiz?

Let's see just how much you know about the King of Rock and Roll! You've heard his music over the years, and you may have seen some of his movies, but how much do you really know about the man himself? This quick ten-question quiz will help you find out...

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10 Of The Most Shocking Facts From The Michael Jackson Child Molestation Case | Oxygen Official Site

The world of pop culture would never be the same after Michael Jackson, music icon, was a accused of and stood trial for child molestation. One of the most famous trials in modern history, Jackson’s case divided fans and commentators, with many vouching for his innocence while others were more skeptical of the not guilty verdict. Here are some of the most shocking facts from the Michael Jackson child molestation case.1. It wasn’t the first time Jackson faced such allegations