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Explore a wide variety of hat styles for every occasion. From fedoras to beanies, find the perfect hat to complete your look and stay fashionable all year round.
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That classic hat of the roaring twenties is the cloche hat. Bell shaped with side adornments of flowers, small feathers, and geometric designs, they topped women's heads during the 1920s. Other '20s hat styles include the wrapped turban, the straw summer hat, bucket hat, and various headwraps and headbands. Popular TV shows Downton Abbey and Miss Fisher's Murder

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Do you know how many types of hats there are? Here, we’ve prepared everything you should know to perfect your look with stylish unique accessories. Remember how many times you feel like your look is missing something? Instead of changing the whole wardrobe, we recommend you buy one new item: see the most popular types of hats to perfect your look.

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Just the other day I posted about the list of shoes I added to my garment vocabulary. And today Apartment Therapy posted about hats, too! Jump on over to my techniques section to see my ever-growing garment vocabulary list. T-shirts, ironing boards, and more projects coming soon!

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