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Inspire your child's creativity and self-expression with these fun and interactive journaling ideas. Help them document their thoughts, dreams, and adventures with these exciting journaling prompts.
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The world looks different during this time, and with that I wanted to provide a daily quarantine journal for kids. It is a time our kids might be having big feelings. This is a time where experiences diverge from the norm. With such unique circumstances, it will be nice to have a daily record of...Read More

Mary Louise DeMoss
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What exactly is gratitude? Why is it so important for our kids? And how can we teach our kids to cultivate an attitude of gratitude? Plus, the best gratitude activities for kids from here and around the web. We’ve also got a gratitude journal for kids, gratitude videos and quizzes, and even some of the best gratitude book recommendations. Phew, there’s a lot of goodness to follow.

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One stereotype about this kind of journal is that it is normally owned by girls. You see big notebooks with huge locks on them since that notebook contains secrets and feelings that they could not reveal to their parents or to their friends.

Luz Edilma

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