Kate winslet oscar

Explore Kate Winslet's remarkable journey to the Oscars and relive the unforgettable moments that led to her triumph. Witness her talent and dedication that earned her the prestigious Oscar award.
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Kate Winslet Talks Her Early Acting Career: "I Was Told I Would Only Play the Cute, Fat Best Friend" Kate Winslet Oscar, Portfolio Fashion, George Peppard, Best Actress Oscar, Blake Edwards, Oscar Night, Pose Model, Best Actress Award, Oscar Award

Before she won an Oscar and became one of the most beloved actors of her generation, Kate Winslet was shockingly once warned she would only play the “cute, fat best friend” roles in...

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THE IDEA OF AWARDS SEASON GIVES KATE Winslet hives. Same with the mere word campaign. It’s like “an allergic reaction,” the Oscar winner says. The kind you probably get when you’ve been making the rounds since 1996, the year Winslet was nominated for her first Academy Award (for Sense and Sensibility). “Not to try to sidestep the importance of these moments, but frankly I’ve never been very good at handling any of it. I just roll with it, with as much good humor as I can.”

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