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Explore the incredible journey of Jodie Foster in the entertainment industry. Learn about her iconic roles, awards, and contributions to film. Discover why Jodie Foster continues to captivate audiences with her talent and versatility.
The Loneliness of Jodie Foster — The Atlantic Older Men Haircuts, Red Toes, Wolfgang Tillmans, Julie London, Annette Bening, Navy Sweatshirt, True Detective, Jodie Foster, Navy Blue Sweater

The Loneliness of Jodie Foster — The Atlantic

A star since childhood, she spent decades guarding her privacy. On-screen, she’s always played the solitary woman under pressure. But in a pair of new roles, she’s revealed a different side of herself. February 18, 2024 Jodie Foster has spent much of her career playing the lonely woman under pressure. A young FBI agent-in-training having an underground tête-à-tête with a cannibalistic serial killer. A scientist launching into space, solo. A mild-mannered radio host who becomes a vigilante…

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