Infant pictures

Preserve the precious moments of your little one with these adorable infant picture ideas. From cute poses to creative props, discover inspiration to create lasting memories.

This beautiful family just added a little man to their crew. His name is Joshua and he is just lovely! Hannah is a great big sister already! In his sister's doll bed. He *barely* fits. I've been shooting a string of big babies lately! Love his chubby toes! Baby modeling is exhausting work! When he's one we'll add another picture to this series and get him push the truck to show how much he's grown! :) (His mom was photoshopped out of this image)

Shannon Gordon
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Erin contacted the studio to learn more about booking a newborn session. She initially thought that an in-home session was what she wanted before she called us, but after hearing about the differences between in-home and studio, she realized that a studio session would be the better fit. She ha

shelly sachi
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Today we've got a tutorial I've been wanting to include in our Photography & Memory Keeping section for such a long time! Capturing a child's fleeting newborn stage is so important to so many parents out there but trying to get that elusive, perfect pic of a sleeping infant can be beyond frustrating and hiring it out can be prohibitively expensive. Of course not every type of shot can be achieved by a novice, the photo above of the baby propped up on her hands, for example, is done with…

Jennifer Georger