Imac g3

Rediscover the iconic iMac G3 and take a trip down memory lane. Explore the history, design, and features of this beloved Apple computer and relive the magic of the late 90s.
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3D Printed IMac G3 Mini - Fully Functional Hackintosh Powered by Intel NUC: The Big Picture I have a certain fondness for Small Form Factor (SFF) computers. Don't get me wrong, I also love large screens and multiple monitors. There is just something about certain Apple designs that calls to me to either mod or shr…

Briana Scherbarth
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I was thinking how should I erase the data completely, and dispose the old iMac. Then I found a company, they contribute the money to Cambodia or the stricken area in Japan, if you offer a computer free. iMac ルビー 2000年モデル。処分するにあたり、データ抹消をどうしたらいいのか思案中。 パソコンを無料で提供すると、買い取り分相当の金額をカンボジアや東日本の被災地に寄付する、という会社を発見しました。 ↓パソ貢献プロジェクト Tomikawa Hokkaido 22 Aug. 2011 Nikon D300 / SIGMA 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OS

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