Hungry hungry hippos

Explore fun and exciting game ideas for Hungry Hungry Hippos. Get ready for hours of laughter and entertainment with these top suggestions for a wild and competitive gaming experience.
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Ten Fun Alternative Hungry Hungry Hippo Action Board Games

There aren't many board games that can be crazy, action-packed and end up giving you blisters, but that is exactly what the classic family game of Hungry Hungry Hippos delivers. But why stick with just hippos when there are so many other varieties of this classic action game...

Heather Wilson
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DIY Hungry Hungry Hippos Costume -

These adorable and bright costumes make for such a cute group costume. Making these four costumes is not only fun but, they will each look different not just in color but in the face expression of the hippo, too. Materials needed: 4 plain colored caps ( all different colors) I bought them at the craft [...]

Alexis Meyers