How to paint rocks

Learn how to paint rocks with these creative ideas that will help you unleash your inner artist. Transform ordinary rocks into stunning works of art with step-by-step tutorials and inspiration.
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How to Paint Rocks and Cliffs

Rocks and cliffs form a key part of landscape painting, but many people seem to struggle with painting them. This is probably due to the organic and irregular shapes they come in, combined with a lack of understanding about light and shadow. In this post, I walk you through how to paint rocks and cliffs,

Tom Cook
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How To Paint Seascapes and Beaches in Watercolor - Solving Watercolour

How To Paint Seascapes and Beaches in Watercolor. A beach might seem like a relatively simple subject to paint. Just sand, sea, sky, rocks but seascapes can present some deceptively complex problems. In this post. I'll help you to identify and solve those problems.

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