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Upgrade your home audio system with top-quality speakers that deliver immersive sound. Discover the best speakers for every room in your home and enjoy an exceptional audio experience.
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About this item Acoustic Audio 5102 Bluetooth powered 5.1 multimedia home theater speaker system, 800 watts system power, 40Hz-20 kHz frequency response, built in Bluetooth receiver, 5 discrete independent channel inputs and outputs, integrated audio amplifier Enhanced bass boost design, front panel controls, illuminated display, bass, treble and main volume controls, stereo auxiliary input, pro surround function, USB/SD card reader, plug and play connections, computerized enclosure design…

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How to hang speakers securely with universal speaker mounts! If you've spent a lot of money for the home theatre system you have, the last thing you want to do is go cheap on the wall mount hardware for the speakers and sound bar. Read more about #DIYinteriors and #howtohangspeakers from #YOUHANGIT! http://www.youhangit.com/blog/2015/1/20/home-theatre-speaker-wall-mounts-why-you-need-them-for-your-surround-sound-speakers Theatre, Home, Speaker Wall Mounts, Tv Bracket, Speaker Stands, Speaker Mounts, Home Theater Speakers, Home Theater System, Home Speakers

Unless you built your own home or purchased one that came with home theater speakers built into the structure of the home, or you are planning a remodel that will include embedding surround sound speakers into the ceilings and/or walls in your home, you will need surround sound speaker wall mounts