Hobbit house kit

Create your own magical Hobbit house with a DIY kit. Find inspiration and step-by-step instructions to bring the enchantment of Middle-earth to your backyard.
Real-life hobbit homes that put The Shire to shame | loveproperty.com Ideas, Homes, Hobbit House Kit, Hobbit House, Hobbit House Plans, Hobbit Door, House, Future House, Dunes House

With all the magic of Middle-earth, these innovative hobbit houses look like they belong in The Shire. Whether buried beneath the earth, or decorated to resemble Bag End, these fascinating homes are far from fictional. Grab your hooded cloak and let's explore the real life hobbit holes located around the world...

Hobbit Hole Playhouse Kit: outdoor wooden kids playhouse with | Etsy Outdoor, Decks, Playhouse Kits, Playhouse Outdoor, Kids Playhouse, Playhouse, Playhouses, Play Houses, Cubby Houses

Availability is limited, order soon! Shipping cost is INCLUDED in pricing (aka "FREE" shipping ;-)) Straight out of Middle-earth, our fun and imaginative Hobbit Hole playhouse offers the young ones in your life a space for endless hours of creative play. Our playhouses are an excellent value for the handcrafted quality of a unique and beautiful design. Prices listed include shipping costs. This playhouse design starts at $2,925, without finish roofing (comes with a roof deck only and you…

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