Hippie birthday party

Throw an unforgettable hippie birthday party with these unique and groovy ideas. Get ready to transport your guests back to the psychedelic era and create a celebration they'll never forget.
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Two Groovy Kids Birthday Party - The Boho Diaries

Ellowyn's Two Groovy Birthday Party was a huge hit and so fun to put together. I absolutely love thinking up and putting together kids parties. With my love for all things 70's and retro themed, this one was extra special. Every year the warmer weather brings back all the retro vibes and I live for

Anna Bellendir
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Junestock: A Woodstock Themed Birthday Party — Lovely Events

My sweet godchild, June, just turned one!! June deserves nothing less than the the best in our eyes. Combine that with her momma, Kiri, who goes all out when it comes to a theme that she is passionate about, and you get one super cute flawless “Junestock” birthday party! I got to play a

Alyssa Bergman