Hiit class

Experience the ultimate workout with HIIT classes. Burn calories, build strength, and boost your energy levels. Find the best HIIT class for you and start your fitness journey today.
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This 45-minute plyometric HIIT workout works every muscle in your body, including your heart. It consists of 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest for a total of 45 minutes. If you can push yourself to the end of the 45 minutes, you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment for the rest of your day!

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Thanks to Lisa O’Donnell Wolfe for sending in this rippa of a workout. Just Keep Hiiting It Time: 50 minutes Equipment needed: Each camper will need a set of light dumbbells, Station Cards, Cones This workout uses four stations with 3 Strength exercises that include an Upper Body, Lower Body, and combined Upper & Lower Body. […]

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