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Explore trendy head covering ideas to elevate your style and create a fashionable look. Find the perfect head covering that suits your personality and completes your outfit.
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Name: Angela D. | Age: 19 | Location: Ontario, Canada | Starting Covering: April 2015 1) Introduce yourself to our readers. Hello! I am a 2nd year University student. I have completed a year of Bible College and have gone on two missions trips. I have a great heart for serving believers and nonbelievers. It is my hope and dream to lift up and encourage believers within Canada and across borders to grow even deeper into our Saviour. 2) Where do you attend church? Tell us a little bit about…

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Our all new Premium Modal Scarves provide the desired opacity and touchable softness we're always looking for. Each piece features a regal and durable woven knit, layering beautifully over casual wear and formal attire alike. Wrap yourself up in this unsurpassably comfortable and airy scarf and experience instant luxu

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All over the world, there are different dress codes and etiquette for different occasions. One would dress in a formal outfit for a wedding, but wear comfortable and casual clothing for shopping, travelling or attending a sporting event. All cultures have specific rules and regulations for people visiting religious places and participating in religious ceremonies.

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