Haunted dollhouse

Explore the eerie world of haunted dollhouses and bring a touch of mystery to your home. Discover top ideas to create a spine-chilling and captivating mini haunted house.
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Because spooky girls need spooky dollhouses It all began when i introduced my son to Scooby Doo. This started his obsession with haunted houses and all things with spooky, haunted, and creepy in the name. This is where the dollhouse comes in. I had decided on making my son a haunted house to play with his Mystery Inc toys with. I'll admit, this was super fun to make and i was really excited to get started. So heres the Fisher Price house i bought off someone on facebook. Prime Time 2 cans

Hannelie van der Merwe
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For my first dollhouse project, I found this plastic dollhouse at the local Goodwill store. I like the Victorian style and thought it might make a nice haunted mansion for Halloween. First off, I peeled off all of the stickers. Then I chose a paint that would work for a good base coat. I chose

Janice Beck
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Hi everyone, I had so much fun last month making my first house out of cardboard when I created the San Francisco House that I wanted to create another one from cardboard. I was inspired by this picture I found on the internet of an abandoned house that someone had drawn. When I started out this house had both sides, but it was to large of a house for what I wanted, so I cut the right side of the house off. This was one of my hardest designs to try to create since when I started looking at…

Meltem Karaosman