Harry potter quotes tattoo

Find the perfect Harry Potter quote for your tattoo and let the magic be with you forever. Explore top quotes that will inspire and remind you of the wizarding world in a meaningful way.
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The Harry Potter quotes and the book series had a lasting impact on people's lives, specifically when it comes to friendship. J.K. Rowling taught us life lessons about friendship throughout the books that have stuck with us for years.


"It's fine, I'm fine, Everything's fine" This is the biggest lie we tell ourselves. Since our childhood we have been told that every day is a new learning, but we are never told about the challenges that we need to face, the rejections we need to handle, and the phases of self-doubt that we need to manage. I don't want to bore anyone by talking about med school or college, but wanna share the reality which is nothing like a cute Disney movie. Being a teenager, or a young adult is not as easy…

Kaushik Joshi