Harry potter halloween decorations

Transform your home into the Wizarding World with enchanting Harry Potter Halloween decorations. Explore top ideas to bring the magic of Hogwarts to your Halloween celebrations.
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Experience the wizardry at this epic Harry Potter house in Maryland. The Ellicott City Harry Potter House will be decked out for Halloween.

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Are you ready for this year's Halloween party yet? Or are you still frantically searching the costume and thrift stores for your outfit? Like anything, some people are more prepared than others, and we are here to show the best and most dedicated Halloween enthusiasts, with creepy running through their veins. No, dressing up in Halloween themed garbs just doesn't cut it for these people. They need more chills and thrills, and you'll soon see what we mean.

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These DIY Harry Potter Floating Candles will transport you straight to Hogwarts! Harry Potter hanging candles are perfect for your next Harry Potter party or Halloween decorating!

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It's been nearly 3 weeks since our Potter Christmas party, so I figured I should finally show you guys the GOOD pictures. Plus last time I missed all kinds of fun details I want you to see! This will be a recap, so please forgive any repeats. I want to get all the party stuff in one place, and I'll be linking to relevant tutorials along the way. So if you see something you want more details on, just click the link! Let's start in the front room again: With bonus Lily. If you've never seen…

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