Hanging bird bath

Enhance your garden with a unique hanging bird bath that attracts a variety of feathered visitors. Explore creative ideas to create a tranquil oasis for birds to bathe and drink.
Lampshade Bird Bath - I happen to have one of these old shades in my shed. I know what project I will work on this weekend. Gardening, Diy, Outdoor, Yard Art, Birdhouses, Diy Bird Bath, Hanging Bird Bath, Bird Bath Garden, Bird Bath

Pink These are very easy to make I got the old lampshades at garage sales and antique stores using the following I screwed the nut all the way up the screw then added a plastic washer on the eye screw so the nut won't scrape the glass I then inserted the eye screw the hole and used the plastic cap on the end I then added the hanging kit a viola it was complete From one of our readers: I love the idea, however if your lampshade is too deep, small birds will actually drown in them, especially…

Kate Soenen