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Discover how to make beautiful handmade rugs with these DIY ideas. Get inspired and start crafting your own personalized rugs for your home.
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It was easier to put some instructions on this blog, than post responses on facebook, so here they are... It's very simple to make, just takes forever to make them I went fairly large for a pom pom rug (there's a surprise) - Most you see on Pinterest or google tend to be smaller In total I made over 400 pom poms. Time consuming, but so easy to make anywhere, so you stop becoming aware you are even making them. You zone out, and your hands just keep going You will need: Wool - (fairly…

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When you make a rag rug it is important to know how to join fabric so you can add fabric strips for the rag rug rows! This is an easy task! Are you just starting a rug? Or maybe you want to learn how? I’ve got you covered with my rag rug ebook OR the rag rug video course. But make sure you grab t

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In 2010, I wrote up instructions and took pictures of how I make a rug for a series on Day to Day Adventures. That series has been extremely popular So I took all the posts in that series plus some new information and Rags to Rugs was born. I've added more details an

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