Hand quilting frames

Enhance your quilting experience with the perfect hand quilting frame. Find top-rated frames that provide stability and comfort, allowing you to create beautiful quilts with ease.
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My great grandmother didn't use a frame. She sandwiched her quilt between two mattresses. She stitched a row and rolled it up and then, pulled another row out from under the mattress. She quilted sitting on the floor. A frame was only necessary for quilting bees. My great aunt (her sister) had a ceiling frame made with broomcorn slats clamped together with C-clamps. Pulleys were screwed to the ceiling. The ropes were tied around the slats. They ran over the pulleys and were held in place by…

Emel Kangal
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Pictures - Have you seen one like this before? - My grandfather made this quilt frame for my grandmother years ago. He died in 1972, so it's at least 40 years old. I don't remember seeing my grandmother use it, but my mom used it quite a bit. I just thought since everyone is showing their vintage machines, you'd be