Halloween photo props

Capture unforgettable moments with these creative Halloween photo props. Take your spooky pictures to the next level and make memories that will last a lifetime.

This unique custom hand painted photo board is cut out of sanded 1/2 in wood and painted with premium exterior paint. This board is great for indoor or outdoor festivals, events, holidays and parties! This can also be personalized for a small additional fee, message me for details! ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Please message the following: - event date - any personalization, logo work, or custom requests - and just to say Hi! Looking forward to working with you! Suzy **This listing is for one…

anisa uruci

well........i have been home for a few days now, and am still trying to recoup. i brought home a nasty cold and combined with the stupid cast/boot and crutches....well...lets just say...it sucks !! anyway.......i wanted to get up my pics from the fair...so here goes. the trip down was wonderful...we traveled through pennsylvania, west va, virginia, tennessee, north and south carolina and georgia...the leaves were changing just about all the way there, and i saw mountains unlike what we have…

Gina Manlove