Halloween goodie bags

Get inspired with these creative Halloween goodie bag ideas. Make your trick-or-treaters smile with unique and spooky treats that they'll love.
Witch's brooms treat bags. So cute & simple to make. Will probably make them for my daughters's 2nd grade class Halloween Party. & if you don't want to use branches, you could use pretzels instead. Ale, Halloween, Birthday, Dekorasyon, Deko, Jul, Dekoration, Mad, Ales

Here are this year's Halloween goodies: You need two paper bags for each broomstick. I used the small size from Michael's that are about 6" x 2". Unfold one bag and push out its base while folding in the left and right sides. Use scissors to cut the bag into thin strips right down to the base fold. Cut thin strips into the top inch or so of the second bag. Open both bags and place the second bag inside the shredded one. Add Halloween candy of choice--I went with the classic candy corn…

Andrea Newell
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Halloween is fast approaching! Are you planning a Halloween Party or gifts for a class? In this post I’m sharing a fun an easy idea for creating”BOO” favor bags! We are using these for my daughter’s 8th Birthday party which we’re having on Halloween this year. Her birthday is on November 1st and some years…