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Experience the magic of sustainable living with Green Magic Homes. Explore innovative and eco-friendly housing solutions that blend harmoniously with nature.
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Ready-made Hobbit homes are built under a layer of grass and soil

A Florida company is selling ready-made homes that allow fans to live out their dream of living in a Hobbit hole. These year-round or holiday homes aren't primitive, and can include pools or hot tubs.

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Magic Green Homes fabricates small homes using prefab vaulted panels and covers them with soil. Case Sotterranee, Green Magic Homes, Earth Sheltered Homes, Casa Hobbit, Earth Sheltered, Dome Home, Green Houses, Green Magic, Magical Home

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Can you imagine living in a 400-square-foot tiny home that is eco-friendly and energy-efficient, yet boasts all the amenities of a conventional house? Magic Green Homes fabricates such structures using prefabricated vaulted panels and covers them with soil, creating flexible green-roofed living spaces with a Tolkienesque charm. And the kicker? They're so easy to construct,

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