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Explore the stunning architecture of Greece and get inspired to create your own architectural masterpieces. Discover top ideas to incorporate Greek elements into your designs and bring a touch of elegance to your projects.

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The Erechtheion, An Ancient Greek Temple, Was Built On The Acropolis Of Athens During The Golden Age Of The City, Between 421 And 406 Bce. Its Primary Purpose Was To Serve As A Sanctuary For The Ancient Wooden Cult Statue Of Athena, While Also Serving As A Grand Tribute To The Greatness Of Athens During Its Peak Of Power And Influence. Despite Enduring A Tumultuous History Of Misuse And Neglect, The Erechtheion Has Persisted As A Prominent And Remarkable Structure From Antiquity. Its Elevated Landscape

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Looking for a great spot for a weekend getaway in Europe? I’ve got you. Athens, Greece is the perfect location whether you’re looking to chill, go sightseeing, or even both. Known for the beautiful architectural sites and extensive history, the city tends to be pretty busy during summer. But worry not, there is much to do in Winter as well. The streets are more quiet than usual. Plus you get to enjoy the Acropolis without tripping over a bunch of tourists. Sounds like a win-win to me, right…

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