Graffiti supplies

Unleash your creativity with the best graffiti supplies available. Find everything you need to create stunning street art and express your artistic vision.

About this item Writes on Any Surface - firm opaque streaks on metals, concrete, rubber, glass, wood, plastic, cloth, and canvas through dust, oil, rust, and snow. Permanent - and easily washable with alcohol based Permanent - it's specifically designed to last indefinitely Fade resistant - streaks of blended colors hold their finely detailed color for a very long time. Dynamic yet simple to use - Writes underwater and upside down. No drips, no mess, no cleanup. Non Toxic. No shaking or…

Kryssie Sciury

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bear ferret

The markers used by graffiti writers since back in the days, still used today,some of the most famous graffiti markers, some are home made , ghetto and very dirty.

canal da