Golf stretching

Enhance your golf game with these effective stretching exercises. Improve flexibility, prevent injuries, and achieve better swings on the golf course.
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Good Golf Starts With A Good Warm-Up

If you usually get off to a slow start, hitting shots that aren't even close to your best, it might be because your body isn't properly warmed up. Before Gaby Lopez makes one swing at an LPGA tournament, she has a routine of stretches and exercises to get her body ready. Give it a try before your next round.

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Yoga Poses for Golf

Best Yoga Poses for Golfers Yoga is great to practice for golfers as it can help you in several ways like opening the hips and shoulders, increasing your flexibility, and improving your mental focus. Whether you are a male or female, yoga is worth trying and you’ll quickly see the benefits! Today we thought it […]

Terie Monroe
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These days we find ourselves at home much more. Perhaps you now work from home, or don't have access to facilities that were once seemingly always open. Facilities that were part of your fitness routines like gyms, sports & rec centers, and clinics are now less available/safe. For many of us, that means the gains we were making have been derailed. But don't fret! We've been talking with the fitness professionals over at Golf Fit Pro to bring you the best golf exercises you can do from home…

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