Golden retriever short haircut

Discover the latest short haircut trends for golden retrievers. Give your furry friend a stylish makeover that will make them look and feel their best.
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Want to know about all of the different types of golden retrievers? There are white goldens, red goldens, gold goldens, mini goldens, and Canadian, English, and American goldens... right? Well, not exactly. Talking about the different types of golden retrievers is both a simple and complex discussion. Simple because there is just one recognized breed:...

Anna Parker
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If your Golden retriever’s coat is overgrown and resembles a Chow-chow, that haircut is long overdue. But can you shave a golden retriever completely? Let’s find out. It is not advisable to completely shave a Golden retriever. By doing… Continue reading Shaving Golden Retriever (Plus Adorable Grooming Styles)

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