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A Genius Loci or the guardian spirit of a place is an imaginary friend who makes your living space truly yours. It also represents the inhabitants of the house, garden, land, and their characteristics. For this analog collage series of my own Genius Loci, I used photographs (partly own photos) as raw material and enhanced them with paint and stickers. I’m a photography artist who uses photography as a means to create multi-dimensional images.

Renata Alulema
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Hi, I am Yeo Shi Jie, 0330176. Site Analysis establishes the context or environment for both projects 1 and 2. In assigned tutorial groups with 11 students, the students conduct a site visit where they record, observe and gather data informing the physical and social dimensions of the environment. Method used in data collection may include sketches, diagrams, photography, videography, audio recordings, secondary site data from various local authorities, and simple interviews focusing on but…

Architect Althaf Zayn
Intricate Collages Of Cities By Anastasia Savinova - IGNANT Urban, Architecture, Scad, St Petersburg, Grafik, Antonio Mora Artwork, Sanat, Resim, Arquitetura

Based in Sweden, visual artist Anastasia Savinova creates intricate collages of photographs from her travels to display each city’s own distinct atmosphere. Titled ‘Genius Loci’, the series of artworks was inspired by the ancient Roman term denoting the “protective spirit of a place”. Each of the collages consists of one large building, composed from various snapshots […]

Geoff Castle