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Do you like to search for genealogy records for your ancestors for Free? Duh. I have about 40 websites that I frequently use. Some have digitized records in their collections. Some have links to collections that can be searched or browsed. Some include transcribed records. And some have useful genealogical educational information. All of the

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Record References Don’t waste time searching for records that don’t exist—these cheat sheets list available records and time periods. Here’s a list of the cheat sheets currently available in this category. Check back often as we’ll continue to add new ones. Naturalization Laws Timeline What laws might have affected your...

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One of the first things I do with every family line is to (try to) locate them in every census during their lifetime. As most researchers know, depending upon the time and place, this is much easier said than done. I “track” the families using census trackers created with Microsoft Word. They are easy to

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The 1911 Census of England and Wales was taken on 2 April 1911, and contains much more detail than that provided on any previous return. It is a unique census because it is the first census that allows you to see your ancestor's handwriting as the original forms were kept. It is considered to be

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Make Instant Discoveries About Your Ancestors Here Many family historians are fully aware of the fact that the 1890 census, which contained more than 60 million individuals, was destroyed in the early 20th century and is therefore not available for genealogical research. The lack of this valuable resource, one from such an important time in … Thousands of 1890 Census Records DO Still Exist: Here’s How to Find Them for Free Read More »

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