Gender spectrum

Learn about the diverse range of gender identities and expressions on the gender spectrum. Explore resources and support to better understand and embrace gender diversity.
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The awesomeness of gender spectrum diagrams - posted in Gender Discussion: So before I knew about non-binary genders, I came across this picture and I was really confused and sort of thought What? But recently Ive been coming across more gender spectrum thingys, but with a better idea of what gender means to people (which is confusing still the heck out of me) and there are so many diagrams that are so much better than the one above and they kind of help me with figuring out...

Csenge Orbán

📖 ꕀ Autigirlboy / Autiboygirl !! ∞ )) autigirlboy / autiboygirl ; a gender where your gender is both a boy && a girl but your gender is also influenced by the users autism . . . ━ made by outsider…