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Get ready to laugh out loud with these funny horse videos. Watch as these amazing animals showcase their sense of humor and bring joy to your day.
This giant horse and his human boy share an adorable friendship. Watch the horse, Savance, follow his buddy Xavier around the yard. Maybe the Savance thinks he is a puppy?  #horse #pets #horses #farmanimals #animals #animalvideos #therapy  #horsevideos #sweet #love #bestfriends  via @dailypetbuzz Horse Breeds, Puppies, Horses, Family Pet, Pet Cows, Horse Lover, Horse Life, Horse Videos, Buddy

Now and again, it really helps to see an uplifting video that brings joy to my heart. What could be more heartwarming than watching this beautiful friendship between a child and his best friend, a giant horse? Animals and kids can perform such incredibly strong bonds, and I personally believe that they can only serve

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The Internet is home to tons of trends and fads. When Southern California’s Adriane DeWolfe came across ‘The Git Up’ challenge, she decided to put a spin on it with her beloved mustang horse, Toaster. ‘The Git Up’ challenge is a viral dance video challenge where participants follow a set choreography and music line but

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Stacy Westfall has an incredible ability with horses. It's a talent that has earned her multiple reining championship titles as well. Yes, that's right; she's a reigning reining champion. But what is even more amazing is the fact that she can ride and dance with her horse - bridleless. Stacy's bridleless and bareback techniques make

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Horses gone wild is a funny horse video compilation or horses doing what they do best. Humour, Funny Animal, Horses, Funny Animal Videos, #fails, Videos, Funny Horse Videos, Horse Videos, Horse Walker

Horses gone wild! Funny horse videos, funny horse fails or simply funny horses all in this try not to laugh or grin while watching this challenge compilation. If you want some funny animals or funny animal videos, check out this funny animals compilation. Animal videos for kids to learn and have a laugh. Humorous and hilarious pets and more safe for toddlers to watch.

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