Funny eggs

Get inspired by these hilarious and creative ideas to have fun with your breakfast using funny eggs. Surprise your family and friends with egg-cellent creations that will make them crack up with laughter.
An Eggbert  love affair... Batu, Funny Faces, Believe In, Fai Da Te, Eten, Manualidades, Fotos, Fun, Jul

They met in the kitchen. They actually used to be neighbors in the fridge. Eggbert was located in the upper shelf. Eggbella was located in the lower shelf, but life, and more specifically an incredibly crowded and disorganized fridge kept them apart at first. Then, one morning, destiny brought them together in the kitchen counter. At first, she was destined to become part of an omelette. While he was destined to become a scrambled egg. Their encounter was brief. The exchange of glances was…

Jami Fournier