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Discover the talented actor Froy Gutierrez and his journey in the entertainment industry. Learn more about his latest projects and be inspired by his dedication and passion for acting.
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REWRITTEN Alexander Astaroth-Swan, the non-biological brother to Isabella Swan, wasn't exactly a human being, well not anymore. For the first few years of his life, Alex was human, but it wasn't until his 16th birthday did Alex get a visit from a special someone did, he fine out who he really was. Although it wasn't until he moved to that his new supernatural life once again changed, because in Forks was when his story finally started. His story of how he had to protect his sister, his…

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Pressing a soft kiss to my lips he smiled against them and I softly giggled. "Precious little thing." He hummed with a smile. • "I'm sorry, London. Please find a way to forgive us." He whispered grazing his lips against my lips. • E D I T I N G. C O M P L E T E D.

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