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Recipe video above. Chocolate muffins that truly taste of chocolate and stay fresh for days are a rarity! This recipe delivers, thanks to some tidy tricks including hot milk to bloom the cocoa, and a little coffee to enhance the chocolate flavour (you won't taste the coffee). Using brown sugar, oil, sour cream and less egg meanwhile is the secret to keeping the crumb ultra-moist and tender!

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Showing how the crumb of brioche has cotton-candy like stands

Recipe video above. Rich and buttery, yet amazingly light and elegant, making delicious, boulangerie (French bakery) quality brioche at home is actually far easier than you'd think! Store bought are pricey and poor imitations of what truly great brioche should be, skimping on butter and using shortcut methods.This is a traditional recipe for French brioche that was created with the assistance of a classically trained French Chef, Jean-Baptiste Alexandre. Meet Chef JB!No stand mixer? See Note…

Julie Bogoyas