French sandwich recipes

Indulge in the flavors of France with these mouthwatering sandwich recipes. From classic baguette sandwiches to gourmet creations, discover the perfect recipe to satisfy your cravings today.
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In addition to tucking into some macarons, my prerogative on Bastille Day is to watch Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, drink rosé, and make this five-minute dinner. The simplicity of this recipe reminds me why we get all fussy about French food in the first place — and it has really good cheese. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s a ham and cheese baguette! Done up just like they do at the little cafes I’ve visited in Paris.

Deborah Mcnaulty
Jambon Beurre Sandwich (Ham, Butter and Brie Sandwich) - Cooking for Keeps Toast, Cooking, Brunch, Foodies, Sandwiches, Quesadilla, Brie Sandwich, Burger, Ham Sandwiches

This classic French Baguette Sandwich, also known as a Jambon Beurre Sandwich is such a nice departure from a classic deli sandwich. Our version is layered on a crusty French baguette with salty prosciutto, an easy herbed butter, creamy brie, and peppery arugula. Effortlessly elegant, and most importantly, so delicious.

Alexis Juday-Marshall