Free crewel embroidery patterns

Discover a collection of beautiful and free crewel embroidery patterns to enhance your stitching skills. Start your next project with these stunning designs and create something truly unique.
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Sometimes we are stumped with what embroidery design we want to use. Perhaps we are bored with our normal go to pattern, or maybe we just can’t find the perfect fit for a project. This amazi…

Clair Hashmi Russell
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A couple weeks ago, when I reviewed the book BiblioCraft by Jessica Pigza, I might have mentioned that I have a Thing about Libraries and the Wonderful Wonders that they offer. In the online world, you can find excellent resource books for hand embroidery - old books that are in the public domain

Mary Corbet's Needle 'n Thread
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As promised, today I'm showing one of my old designs. I call it Crewel Heart, although it is worked in DMC floss thread and not wool, so technically, calling it crewel is a bit of a stretch. But it was inspired by Crewel embroidery designs and patterns – I love this embroidery style so deeply! - therefore, Crewel Heart it is. Initially there were two palettes for this design that I was going to choose from: a “springy” one with pink, bright green and yellow shades, and one with a combination…

Susan Van Duyne
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It’s tempting to be horribly punny this morning. Crewel embroidery – cruel. Fowl? Truly foul! But I will refrain, and focus on the breast of the rooster, which I’ve embroidered in buttonhole scallops primarily with Appleton wools. This is going to be one of those journeys that may drive you nuts before you finish reading. ...

Sandra McCann