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Enhance your Fitbit experience with the top-rated app. Track your fitness goals, monitor your progress, and stay motivated with the Fitbit app. Download now for a seamless fitness journey.
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Fitbit's watch face provides a display of time, date, and daily progress for: Calories, Steps, Distance, Active Zone Minutes and Floors/Elevation - Heart rate - Battery level - touch top left to change the top color gradient - touch bottom right to change the bottom color gradient - tap on the stats to toggle between the numerical stats - tap the heart rate to toggle with the battery Available with a single payment of $ 1.25 (dollars). Please see the details below. To use this watch face…

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Enjoy other awesome clock faces and promotions here: Download this nice watch face for a one time payment of $1.5 This watch face shows: - current time - date - heart rate - burned calories - steps counting - battery level - floors counting - distance Go to and enter the code you receive on the clock

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